How much is a Hungarian weekly (10-day), monthly, annual national and the annual regional motorway vignette in 2023?

The official fees in the following table are valid from 1 January 2023. The prices of the motorway vignettes are shown in gross fees, i.e. they are inclusive of VAT. Check the table for the official prices of e-vignettes of specific vehicle categories.

D1 5500 Ft 8900 Ft
D2 8000 Ft 12600 Ft
B2 17730 Ft 25150 Ft
U 5500 Ft 8900 Ft
D1M 2750 Ft 4450 Ft
D1 49190 Ft 5720 Ft
D2 69830 Ft 11450 Ft
B2 228850 Ft 22890 Ft
U 49190 Ft 5720 Ft

Since motorcycles are not used all year long, there are no separate annual national and annual regional e-vignettes for them. In case you need one, you can buy one at the price of the D1 category, i.e. a D1 category vignette is to be purchased for the motorcycle.

The amount of the fee shown in the table depends on the vehicle category determined on the basis of the official entry in the vehicle registration certificate (J – vehicle category F.1. – permissible gross weight, S.1 – number of seats including driver):

Category D1

Motorcycles and passenger cars with the maximum permissible gross weight of 3.5 tons, designed to carry no more than 7 persons, and their trailers belong here.

Category D2

All motor vehicles not falling into any other vehicle category and not being subject to toll payment. Further information: if N1 is listed in field J in the vehicle registration certificate of the vehicle, the vehicle – regardless of the number of persons it is designed to carry – belongs to category D2.

Category B2

Bus – a vehicle designed for the carriage of passengers, with more than 9 permanent seats, including the driver.

Category U

Trailers of motor vehicles that fall into category D2 or B2.

The Hungarian toll road network may only be used with a valid vignette, so it must be purchased before entering the toll road. The earliest time of the start of validity is always the time of the purchase (day-hour-minute), i.e. e-vignettes cannot be purchased with prior validity. Bona fide road users who have mistakenly entered the toll road section, have a maximum of 60 minutes from the time of entering to purchase a road use authorisation according to a recent regulation.

Service fee

When purchasing a vignette on our site, a transaction fee is charged, which will appear on the checkout summary page when ordering. For the current amount of service fee see GTC.